In our 40+ years of combined domestic and international Judo and wrestling experiences, we have encountered countless different methods for recovering from cutting weight.

The more common methods involve water and standard sports drinks such as Gatorade, but at least one person at every tournament is eating baby food, drinking formula, or blending up some strange concoction like a mad scientist. Long story short, no two people had the same answer to the question, “What should I drink after I weigh in?”


We figured there had to be a product out there designed for athletes like us; someone had to know the answer. We were wrong. After scouring the internet and every health food store within a 50 mile radius, we could not find one product designed for the recovery of athletes who cut weight. So we set about creating the answer.


After months of research and development with a team of biochemists and PhDs, we found our answer: Rapid Rehydration™.

Ross MacBaisey



Ross is a decorated judoka.  Although retired from competition, he still actively trains and coaches. His many judo achievements include being an Olympic Alternate, US National Team Member, 5 time Junior National Champion, 2 time Collegiate National Champion, and winner of multiple California State Championships.  He holds the rank of Sandan, 3rd degree black belt. Ross was also a varsity high school wrestler.


As one who regularly cut 8-12 pounds for a competition, Ross is no stranger to a scale and has a closet full of sauna suits. Frustrated by not being able to compete at what he feels is an optimal level, and from continuous cramping post weighing in, Ross began searching for a better means of recovery.

Mr. MacBaisey received a MBA from University of California, San Diego and a BBA from Emory University in Atlanta, Georgia.


Stephanie Moyerman


Stephanie started judo at the age of five, trained by her father, who was the team leader of the Olympic Judo Team in 2000. She's collected over 20 years of judo experience, with titles such as junior national champion and national collegiate champion. She was also a varsity high school wrestler and the Pennsylvania State women's wrestling champion.

Stephanie co-founded Cut Right, LLC™ after training with the Portuguese National Team and seeing their superior and safer techniques for cutting weight and recovering.

Stephanie received a Ph.D in Physics from University of California, San Diego.