Rapid Rehydration™ is the only product on the market today that is specifically designed to aid weight cutting athletes in recovery after periods of intense dehydration.

This unique blend of all natural ingredients is more rapidly absorbed into your system, forcing needed fluid back into your dehydrated cells. We believe in our product so much, that we guarantee it will rehydrate you faster or we will send you 110% of your money back.

Simply use one serving (packet or scoop from the jar) for every 16 ounces of non-carbonated water. It is medically recommended that you try to consume 24oz of liquid for every 16oz (1 pound) of weight lost.

Although specially formulated to rehydrate you after cutting weight, Rapid Rehydration™ can also be used while working out or practicing, especially in the heat. This will ensure that you stay fully hydrated, while also replenishing the electrolytes lost during sweating.

110% Money Back Guarantee!

Special Offer: Free reusable water bottle with every purchase over $30