Rapid Rehydration™

Rehydrate Faster. Perform At Your Best.

Rapid Rehydration™ is specifically designed and PROVEN to rehydrate athletes faster and more effectively than traditional sports drinks and water after cutting weight and dehydration.

As a professional mixed martial artist, I consistently cut 15-20 pounds for each fight. Rapid Rehydration™ is always the first thing I put back into my body after I make weight. Since I have been using it, I can feel the difference in the speed of my recover time and in my strength and endurance during my fights. I recommend Rapid Rehydration™ for anyone who cuts weight and trains like a beast.
“Hey just wanted to let you know I had bjj and boxing back to back this morning. I drank some Rapid Rehydration between and felt awesome during the 2nd workout. - thanks!”
— Ronda Rousey, 2x Olympian in Judo, World and Olympic Medalist, Former Jr World Champion, and UFC Fighter
Since I received my shipment of Rapid Rehydration, I’ve been taking a serving an hour before my workout and one during and I have that feeling of the weight feeling very light.
— Rich Sadiv “The Human Crane"