Why is Rapid Rehydration™ better than other sports drinks for rehydrating after cutting weight?

In a nutshell, sports drinks have too much stuff (sugar, electrolytes, sometimes protein) which slows down the absorption of water into your cells. This is fine when your fully hydrated and you don't need water too quickly. Rapid Rehydration™ has less sugar (almost none) but a balanced mix of electrolytes to facilitate quick absorption into the gut and muscles and prevent cramping. Further, the electrolyte mix present in our product facilitates continued absorption while fighting by providing the right blend of processed electrolytes to the kidneys. (this is why dehydrated patients in the ER are given saline and not just water). Finally, our product tastes awesome. Studies have shown that post-workout athletes will drink more if the beverage is well flavored.

How do I use Rapid Rehydration™?

RR is sold in a ready-to-mix powder. Simply use one tsp (scoop provided) per 16 fl oz of water. It is recommended to drink 1.5 times as much as the amount of weight you cut. So if you lost 1lb (16oz), drink 24 fl oz of RR (1.5 servings).
I am a professional/Olympic level athlete and I get drug tested on a regular basis. Can I use Rapid Rehydration™?
Yes. All ingredients in Rapid Rehydration™ are drug test compliant and perfectly safe. Guaranteed.

What does RR taste like?

 It has a light lemon flavor. It is not too overpowering so you are able to drink massive quantities after to make weight, but not too light as to not taste anything. It's delicious, and only 15 calories per 16 fl oz serving.

Why can’t I mix RR with carbonated water?

Carbonation delays hydration. Just as long sugar molecules slow absorption into the stomach, blood, and muscles, CO2 (the bubbles) puts more "stuff" in your drink that blocks optimal speed of absorption. Of course, you're free to mix RR with anything you want, it just won't work as well as with plain water.

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